Freedom Solar Group


Ensuring Energy Security for our Communities

Reliable Energy

Electrical grids are aging. Outdated technologies are costing businesses, municipalities, state and local governments billions of dollars.

Utilizing the latest technologies and hybrid renewable energy solutions will ensure less waste and energy that is more reliable.

Keeping it Local

Keeping communities strong is part of our business model and something we are proud of.

We source labor, services and materials when available locally.

We believe in keeping tax dollars in the communities we serve.

Creating Jobs

By training system operators from the local community, more workers will benefit from jobs that offer a living wage.

Core Values


At Freedom Solar Group your project is our project. We are veteran owned and operated so treating people with integrity is who we are. Our highly experienced, professional team are onsite and available to ensure that your project runs smoothly and delivers superior performance throughout the life of your system.


Freedom Solar Group believes that trust and integrity go hand in hand. We will provide you with the latest technology at the most competitive price whether you are using solar to meet the needs of your family or are powering a city. We value your trust and will provide the very best customer service and keep you updated throughout every step of your project.


You can count on Freedom Solar Group to keep your project on track and in compliance with all local, state and federal requirements.


We are dedicated to supporting the communities that we serve . We work with local contractors and businesses to keep revenue local.

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