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Defining Renewable Energies

defining Renewable Energies

Remote Island Village – Diesel Offset

Situation –
Island or remote village using diesel generation with no grid connection.
Goal –
Add hybrid renewables and energy storage to reduce cost and carbon – impact of diesel power generation.

Commercial & Industrial (C & I) Microgrid

Situation –
Commercial or industrial facility (Behind the Meter) with green goals, high energy costs, and/or critical operation.
Goal –
Add renewables and storage to reduce carbon footprint and energy bill, create resilience, and/or generate revenue through markets.

Community Microgrid – Renewable & Resilient

Situation –
Community with vulnerable power grid due to grid integrity, storms and fires.
Goal –
Create resilient & reliable power for critical infrastructure while reducing cost and carbon for the community.

Total Hybrid Power Plant

Typical Island Use Cases
Reliability & power quality
Maximizing renewable contribution
Minimum loading of gen sets
Generator dispatch optimization
Silent operation with diesel off
Seamless transition diesel on/off
BESS/HESS output & load management
State of charge (SOC) management
Flex loads aligned with renewables
Transition to/from grid connection

Typical Grid-Connected Use Cases
Import/Export control or limiting
Zero export with PV self consumption
BESS/HESS charged from PV only
No gen operation when grid connected
Storm-mode preparation
Transition to island operation
Demand charge limiting
Market participation
Flex loads aligned with renewables

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