Freedom Solar Group

Products & Services

Hybrid Renewable Power Plants from15mW – 500mW


PV 5mW Parcels
Battery Storage Systems
Hydrogen Processing Modules
Fuel Cell Storage
Generator Packages
Fuel Storage Systems
Automated Switchgear
Primary SCADA Platform
Secondary Client Management Platform


Site Surveys & Mapping
Environmental Studies & Permitting
Engineering Designs
Load Studies & Plant Sizing
Acceptance Testing
OEM Commissioning
Turnkey Construction
Recycling Services
Plant Operation & Maintenance

Major COmponents – SCADA

Silicon Photovoltaic Panels

SV Series – Leading the Efficiency

Lithium Containerized Battery Storage Systems


Low Voltage Switchgear
Range to 600V
Medium Range Switchgear
Range 5kV – 16kV

Hydrogen Production & Storage

Produce your Hydrogen On-Site, On Demand
According to your Specifications

Generator Sets

Tri Fuel Gen Sets

Stationary Generator Sets
Volvo Single & Twin-Pack Configurations
Range 250kW – 2500kW
Atlas-Copco Mid-America Engine
210 MPH Wind Rating
CA Seismic Isolation

Gas Generator Sets

Stationary Gas (NG/LP) Generator Sets
Siemens SGE Line
Range 250kW – 2500kW
Standby/Prime Power Natural Gas – 250kW – 2500kW
Standby/Prime Power Liquid Propane – 250kW – 1000kW
Standby/Prime Power Dual Fuel Gas – 250kW – 650kW
190 MPH Wind Rating
CA Seismic Isolation

Diesel Generator Sets

Stationary Diesel Generator Sets
Ge Wabtec EPG
Range 1500kW – 4250kW
Prime Power Rating – 1250kW – 3250kW
All Tier 4 EPA Certified
190 MPH Wind Rating
CA Seismic Isolation


Diesel Fuel Farm Management

Safely Store Diesel Fuel On-Site
Leak Detect and Containment
Transfer Control & Management

Quantity for Extended Operation
Quality thru Polishing & Filtration

Ability to Weather Severe Storms
Manage Extended Utility Outages
Maximum Generator Performance
Extend Engine Life Cycle

Hybrid Panel & ComAp Controls – Intelisys Hybrid Advantages

Asset-Agnostic for all major components

Standard Hybrid-Microgrid control logic PLC Flexibility for Unique Site Conditions

Seamlessly integrate generators with inverter-based DER

Supports a wide range of microgrid use cases

Future Expandability

Graceful Fallback for Increased System Reliability

HMI Display Options

InteliVision-18 (IV-18) Fully Customized 18″ System HMI (Touchscreen)

InteliVision-12 (IV-12) Standard for Generator or Hybrid, Customizable (Touchscreen)

InteliVision -5 and -8 (IV-5, IV-8) Core Generator Display, Customizable

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