Freedom Solar Group, LLC



A Little Background

“Mahirap na nga ang buhay, napakamahal pa ng kuryente, lagi pang may brownout. Kailan kaya matatapos ito?”

– Carlos Novelo

There was a point in time when if someone uttered the word “Brownout” they would think of the Philippines. The lack of energy supply was so bad that rolling brownouts became a daily occurrence. The question was Why?

Finding the Right Solution!

Hybrid Renewable Power Plants from 15mW to 500mW

• PV 5mW Parcels
• Battery Storage Systems
• Hydrogen Processing Modules
• Fuel Cell Storage
• Generator Packages
• Fuel Storage Systems
• Automated Switchgear
• Primary SCADA Platform
• Secondary Client Management Platform

• Site Survey & Mapping
• Environmental Studies & Permitting
• Engineering & Design
• Load Studies & Plant Sizing
• Turnkey Construction
• Recycling Services
• Acceptance Testing
• OEM Commissioning
• Plant Operation & Maintenance

Supporting Communities

Freedom Renewable Energy Corp is a proud partner of the Healing of the Nations Foundation.

Housing Projects
Livelihood Program
Affordable Supply of Energy
Food Security

Philippine Institute of Renewable Energies


Operating Engineer
Certification Accredited
Hours for Further Education
Major Component
Factory Training Hands-On
Equipment Operation
Complete O&M Documentation


Proper Operation & Maintenance Procedures Maintain & Extend OEM Warranties
Increase Overall Plant Reliability Improved Management of Export Contracts
Long Term Employment Opportunities Local Community Growth

Mission Statement

Freedom Renewable Energy Corp is not only providing turnkey energy solutions but also improving the overall quality of life for the Philippine citizen. Supplying clean and reliable electrical energy in a variety of applications, creates the opportunity for improved residential, healthcare, educational, commercial, and industrial facilities. Leading us to the provision of quality employment and proliferation putting us all on a steady path of long term growth and success.