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Why it matters and what we can do about it.

This issue should have been solved a long time ago. In fact, the Philippines was supposed to be one of the first in Asia to have it’s own nuclear plant in Bataan during the old Marcos era but unfortunately construction was never completed.

Blame could be assigned to several issues or parties, political policies, activists and lobbyist etc but I won’t even broach that subject. The fact remains that this crisis has never been solved despite the numbers of solutions available. For what solutions are available the implementation has been very slow. Tragically, in the meantime, many of my countrymen are suffering and in many cases dying. This has to stop!

I was fortunate to have migrated to the United States where the energy supply is typically stable. I still consider myself lucky to have experienced for a time, what my countrymen live though on a daily basis so that I remember the everyday dilemma of Filipino’s, especially the poor majority class.

If there is something I could do, I would do it in a heartbeat.
What we know is that the electric company’s are in control. The Philippines has the highest cost per kw for energy when compared to other countries.

Most recently, solar PV was introduced to the Philippines as the best solution for the energy problem but due to the weather dependency of the system solar alone has limitations. There are other contributing factors such as the lack of training for system operators, poor quality components and faulty installation. While promising at first, all hope for this system demised due to bad experiences and results.

I continues to look for something that would solve this age old crisis through involvement with different renewable energy companies but none were successful. My prayers and wishes must have been heard because a little over three years ago I crossed paths with Freedom Solar Group and the company’s CEO, Anthony DeCLue. Anthony, it turns out, is a geek structural and electrical engineer with a degree from Harvard who like solving problems. I started working for him and it didn’t take long for us to become friends. After talking to him at length he realized my country’s crisis. After that, the obsession and dream to solve this crisis became important to him and for the next three years he dedicated himself to researching my country’s energy challenges which lead to what we believe is the best solution. A hybrid renewable energy system.

This new system brings together solar, gen sets and BESS storage system utilizing Hydrogen fuel cells which make the system unaffected by weather and will produce more energy than using solar alone. Private investors would provide the funding for the projects so this would be a full package of solutions. For the Filipino people it may be a dream come true!

Under the new President’s program our proposed solution will be in line to support the administrations top priority programs. The new Hybrid Technology System would not only solve the energy crisis but will create jobs. Job seekers would have the opportunity to train to work in the renewable energy sector through the Career University of Schools. By training individuals and providing jobs communities can remain intact with people being able to secure a livable wage close to where they live, lessen traffic and encourage more people to live outside crowded cities.

Written by: Carlos Novelo